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Use revenue to drive layout or content decisions across the lifetime of users, not single sessions

Imagine the following scenario :

Article A - Viral Article

- 10,000 pageviews

- 5 ads per pageview

- 50,000 ad impressions

- $50.00 in revenue

- 99% of users are new and only visit the website to read the article – without coming back to consume more content later

Article B Deep Topic Article

- 3,000 pageviews

- 5 ads per pageview

- 15,000 impressions

- $45.00 in revenue

- 50% of the new users return to the website for similar content in the future and new visitors constitute 50% of the revenue

-Return visitors come back 5x

In a system that is only revenue aware, the former article looks like a winner. Even in the lifetime of the article itself, it seems to generate more money for the site owner. But That’s Not The Whole Picture

The second article, on the other hand, is consumed by users that go on to generate a meaningful amount of future revenue – 45.00 * 50% of new users * 50% return rate *5 = an additional $56.00 in revenue. By attracting highly engaged new users, and continuing to write content that they’re engaged with, writing articles in this topic yields significantly more revenue over time than the viral content.

When using Gamera, you don’t need to do the math! All you need to do is look at LTV by article, and you’ll know which articles your high value users are consuming – so that you can write more of them.

And this logic applies across any dimension you can think of. Author, Content Category, Layout, Ad Stack – with value analytics, you can properly quantify the impact of any part of the user experience.

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