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What is Gamera

Gamera is an extremely intuitive and meaningful analytics tool that allows site operators to understand not just what's happening on their website but also what is driving value to the site.

How hard is it to install Gamera

In most cases its super simple. We have step by step guides for many off-the-shelf technologies like wordpress that can be followed by non-technical folks while also providing more extensive integration examples for software developers. See Integration Guides for more information

How difficult is it to use Gamera

Unlike other analytics tools that are extremely unintuitive and technical, Gamera strives to provide a simple to use set of charts and tools that surface the most meaningful information needed by site operators and marketers. We strive to consistently improve these charts and listen to the feedback of our customers.

What are Dimensions and what Dimensions does Gamera Track

A dimension is a descriptive attribute or characteristic of data that can be used to segment, categorize, and organize information about visitors to your website. Dimensions provide context for metrics, which are the quantitative measurements. They are the qualitative data that give insights into the “who,” “what,” “where,” and “how” of the metrics.

Gamera tracks the following dimensions by default for every visitor:

user_languageThe language set in the user's browser.
user_tzThe time zone of the user.
referrer_typeThe type of source that referred the user to the site.
referrer_domainThe domain of the site that referred the user.
pageThe specific web page viewed by the user.
viewport_sizeThe size of the user's viewport (browser window).
device_typeThe type of device used (e.g., desktop, mobile, tablet).
osThe operating system of the user's device.
os_versionThe version of the operating system.
browserThe web browser used by the user.
browser_versionThe version of the web browser.
geo_countryThe country from where the user is accessing the site.
geo_regionThe region within the country from where the user is accessing.
geo_cityThe city from where the user is accessing the site.
geo_zipThe ZIP or postal code of the user’s location.
geo_dmaThe Designated Market Area of the user's location.
utm_campaignThe campaign name from UTM parameters
utm_termThe campaign term from UTM parameters
utm_sourceThe campaign source from UTM parameters
utm_contentThe campaign content from UTM parameters
utm_mediumThe campaign medium from UTM parameters

What are Metrics and what Metrics does Gamera Track

Gamera's metrics are quantitative measurements used to assess the performance, efficiency, and effectiveness of a website. They provide valuable insights into various aspects of user behavior, site functionality, and overall user experience. By analyzing these metrics, website owners and digital marketers can make data-driven decisions to improve site performance, enhance user engagement, and achieve specific business goals.

Key Aspects of Gamera's Metrics:

  1. Traffic Metrics: Measure the volume and sources of website traffic (e.g., visits, users, pageviews).
  2. Engagement Metrics: Evaluate how users interact with the site (e.g., pages per visit, visit duration, bounce rate).
  3. Performance Metrics: Assess the technical performance and loading speed of the site (e.g., web_lcp, web_fcp, web_ttfb).
  4. Conversion/Funnel Metrics: Track the effectiveness of the website in achieving desired actions (e.g., form submissions, purchases, sign-ups).
  5. Behavioral Metrics: Provide insights into user behavior and navigation patterns (e.g., scroll depth, interaction metrics).
  6. Value Metrics: Provides insights into what types of users drive the most value to your site

Importance of Website Metrics:

  • Performance Optimization: Identify and address technical issues affecting site speed and user experience.
  • User Acquisition and Retention Optimization: Identify and address which user cohorts drive the most value to ensure you are keeping your most valueable users and finding more users like them.
  • User Experience Improvement: Understand user behavior to enhance site design and content.
  • Marketing Effectiveness: Measure the success of marketing campaigns and traffic sources.
  • Goal Achievement: Track progress towards business objectives such as lead generation, sales, and customer retention.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Inform strategic decisions with concrete data, leading to more effective and targeted improvements.

Gamera Tracks the following metrics:

visitsThe total number of times users have visited the site.
usersThe number of unique visitors to the site.
pageviewsThe total number of pages viewed on the site.
pages_per_visitThe average number of pages viewed during a single visit.
bounce_rateThe percentage of single-page visits (i.e., visits in which the user left the site from the entrance page without interacting with the page).
visit_durationThe average length of time a user spends on the site during a visit.
scroll_depthThe extent to which users scroll down a web page, measured as a percentage of the page height.
web_inpInteraction to Next Paint (INP); measures responsiveness by the latency of the next user interaction.
web_lcpLargest Contentful Paint (LCP); measures loading performance by marking the time at which the largest content element is visible.
web_fcpFirst Contentful Paint (FCP); measures the time from when the page starts loading to when any part of the page's content is rendered on the screen.
web_clsCumulative Layout Shift (CLS); measures visual stability by quantifying how much the page layout shifts during the lifespan of the page.
web_ttfbTime to First Byte (TTFB); measures the time taken for the user's browser to receive the first byte of page content from the server.
ltvThe lifetime value of a user (in US Dollars)

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