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Choosing a Deployment Method

Once you've created a site during the signup process you will be redirected to our deployment wizard which will ask you to choose how you want Gamera to collect analytics event data. There are currently two options:

  • My Own Domain
  • Gamera's Domain

Deployment Wizard

Deciding Which Method is Best for You

Choosing Your Own Domain

Choosing the My Own Domain option has many benefits and is by far the most privacy friendly way of deploying Gamera but it does require a bit more setup and perhaps technical know-how. If you chose this option, we will automatically deploy our event collecting infrastructure directly behind a sub-domain that you own. In technical terms, you will be asked to create a DNS CNAME record during the setup process.

Do I need to use my own domain to use Gamera?

While your own domain is not required to use Gamera, Gamera is intended to be a first party analytics solution, meaning we can collect data directly from your your website to your own domain.

Here's why we encourage using your own domain:

✅ Maximum security and privacy

✅ Increased Accuracy

✅ Protection from ad blockers

How difficult is setting up a CNAME record?

Adding a CNAME record isn't a complex task, but the process can be different for each hosting provider. We find that most people who follow the provider specific instructions above are able to create a CNAME record in under 10 minutes.

What is a CNAME record?

Think of a CNAME as a type of an alias from one domain to another. For example when customers call the actual domain serving the user might actually be .

Choosing Gamera's Domain

Choosing the Gamera's Domain option is the fastest way to get up and running but may come with some disadvantages such as:

  • Less accuracy due to higher likelyhood of interference by ad blockers
  • Less privacy friendly
  • Less secure as it requires a script to be run on a third party domain (Gamera's CDN - rapidedge.ios)

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