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How to add a CNAME record in HostGator ​

  1. Log in to your HostGator account, also referred to as cPanel.
  2. Scroll down the page until you find the Domains section and click the Zone Editor link. A new page will appear.
  3. Locate the domain you'd like to use with Gamera.
  4. Click the + CNAME Record link beside the domain. A new dialog box will appear.
  5. Fill in the blank fields as follows:
  6. In the Name field, type the name of your chosen subdomain (Example: For, enter events)
  7. In the CNAME field, enter
  8. Click the **Add a CNAME Record ** button at the bottom right-hand corner of the dialog box.
  9. Once completed, you should get a message from HostGator saying that you've successfully added a new CNAME to your account.

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