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Decrease your dependence on Search Engine Optimization

The open internet has historically depended on organic traffic, which typically refers to traffic that comes from your website appearing results of search engines or social networks.

However, this reliance on organic traffic comes with inherent volatility. The algorithms governing search engines and social networks are subject to frequent adjustments, often leading to sudden and unpredictable changes in the flow of traffic to a website. Consequently, businesses relying solely on organic channels for revenue face heightened vulnerability.

Enter Gamera. Value Analytics allows you to pass identifiers in for non-organic traffic sources – things like Paid Search, Paid Social, or Banner Advertising. By incorporating identifiers for these channels, Value Analytics enables businesses to gauge the cumulative lifetime value of users acquired through such means—whether as subscribers or regular consumers of content without logging in. Gamera's adaptable tools empower users to categorize and analyze traffic according to their preferences, facilitating the construction of robust models to assess the contribution of these channels to the bottom line of the business.

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